Nerf Dog: Tire Squeak Aero Review

Let one thing be known, Carle knows his toys.  He’s grown from a stuffed animal loving pup to a young adult with an affinity for toy destruction.  With the death of each toy or product, that’s the death of our dollars.

This Nerf Dog Tire Squeak Aero toy has passed our test and stands up to Carle’s sweet snapping turtle jaws.  See below.


As stated in the product name, this toy squeaks and flies through the air, landing with an erratic bounce.  The squeaker itself is on the rear of the toy which is encapsulated by a thicker wall.  This adds longevity to the life of the squeaker, which makes for one happy Carle.  The rubber toy only squeaks when compressed from the bulbous end.  At 7″ in length, it’s a good size for medium to large dogs.  Lastly, the tire texture makes it easy to maintain a good grip for intense chewing sessions.  We’ve had this for a few months and in addition to it being intact, it’s still squeaking.


You can find this on Amazon, but if you shop Marshall’s, T.J.Maxx, or Homegoods check out their pet section to find it for less if you’re lucky.  We picked ours up at Marshall’s for $4.99.

With love,

Jess & Carle the Boss

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