The Launch of Boston & Bull

Boston & Bull is a lifestyle site for you and man’s best friend.  My best friend is an energetic, one year old Boston Terrier named Carle (after author and illustrator Eric Carle). In addition to his general awesomeness, Carle is an obsessive ball connoisseur.  However, he’s also the proud owner of some serious jaws and can be the master of destruction when it comes to toys.  We’ve gone through a lot of toys and bet you have too.  He didn’t get the nick name ‘Snapping Turtle’ and ‘Piranha’ for nothing!

That’s where Carle and I teamed up to help our fellow dogs and owners!  Carle does the product testing while I do the observation, research, and testing for the human user.

I’m Jessica Andersen, an artist and designer with experience in the pet industry, among others.  By nature, I’m a problem solver and innovator with big ideas.  I value and seek out longevity, quality, and integrity in most products I purchase.  In time you’ll even be able to get your hands and paws on our own product offerings, so stay tuned!

It’s our hope that the insights of Boston & Bull will save you money, aid in making you a more informed consumer in a world of excess, and enhance the bond between you and your beloved best friend.

With love,

Jess & Carle the Boss

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