JW Pet: Megalast Ball Review

It’s true, I love playing with Carle’s toys nearly as much as he does.  I’m always thinking of alternate uses, inventive ways of combining multiple toys into one, and how to link ‘broken’ pieces into ‘new’ toys to keep Carle entertained.  As always, safety is a top consideration.

The JW Pet Megalast Ball comes in three sizes, is made of TPR, floats, and is produced in the USA.  We’ve gone through two of them in the past year, so they are also relatively durable.  They can be stuffed with treats, peanut butter, or tasty purees like sweet potato, but the medium Megalast ball is one of our secrets for keeping a lock on bully/pizzle sticks!  I imagine this would also work with the size large, but you would need to ensure the pizzle stick is thick enough for a tight fit.  We’ll do a post on our favorite bully stick brand soon!  Check out Carle in action below.


The problem with bully sticks is that dogs frequently whittle them down to nothing before we can take away the few remaining inches.  We know what happens next.  The last of the stick is quickly ingested without second thought.  Carle, I’m calling you out on this!  Then we’re either able to fish it out of their mouth or it moves through their digestive system.  Great.  However, the Megalast ball is one of our trusty solutions to this issue and the exterior ridges provide a good grip for optimized chewing.  Carle works on the stick from both sides of the ball until it’s flush and trapped in the core.  All that’s left is to push out the last of the pizzle stick and dispose.  Provide ample supervision to avoid the ball being destroyed in the effort to reach what’s left.


You can find the JW Pet Megalast Ball on Amazon and in most of your local pet stores.  Stay tuned to discover our favorite pizzle stick brand!

With love,

Jess & Carle the Boss

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